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About Us

About Us

At Xanalys, we develop innovative, data-driven investigative case management systems that connect people, technology and information to improve investigative outcomes.

We work with law enforcement, regulatory, and commercial organisations around the world. Our users are investigators, analysts, managers, data processing experts and field officers, who bring their skills together to uncover the evidence needed to support successful prosecutions, penalties and sanctions.

They do this using solutions delivered on our PowerCase software platform. Because we know every customer have their own particular requirements, PowerCase:ICM has been designed to provide the richest set of capabilities on the market, all within a highly configurable framework that can support the business processes unique to each investigative domain.

Xanalys has its headquarters in Manchester, England, with additional offices and teams in Canada and New Zealand.

Our Focus

At Xanalys, customer satisfaction is a primary goal. By working closely with our customers we better understand the challenges to be addressed. This knowledge is integrated into our development lifecycle to ensure we engineer the best possible technology solutions.

Our customer-focused support is evident throughout the entire product life-cycle:

  • Solution discovery
  • Configuration
  • Implementation
  • Product training
  • Production support
  • Product roadmap
  • User Groups

Since the company’s origins in Cambridge in the 1980’s, this focus combined with our advanced technology, has led to a number of awards and attracted many glowing commendations.

Management Team

Greg Mann (Executive Vice President)

In addition to overseeing the company’s operations and expansion, Greg is involved in Xanalys product development and provides Business Analysis/Discovery consulting for major system implementations.

Qualifications: BA(Hons) Psychology  from Flinders University and a MSc in Cognitive Science from Manchester University.

 Alan May (Director Research & Development)

Alan is responsible for platform architecture design, supported by over 30 years in the software industry. He has developed a deep understanding of investigative case management from both the customer and technology standpoints.

Qualifications: BSc in Physics from Birmingham University.

Paul Miller (Vice President, Operations)

Over 30 years in the IT industry, Paul’s background is in the development of database systems and associated software with a focus on data visualisation and link analysis software.

Qualifications: MSc in Management Science and Operational Research from the University of Warwick.

Sanjay Poria (Principal Software Engineer)

His 25 years in the software industry has seen him develop expertise in enterprise system architecture and design. He is a specialist in Natural Language Processing.

Qualifications: PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Durham University and a MSc from Edinburgh.

Adrian Wilson (Principal Software Engineer)

Over 3 decades of experience in the industry, most of that spent designing and developing investigative case management solutions.

Adrian has a strong understanding of Major Case Management principles and business process, gained from years of working closely with our law enforcement customers. 

Qualifications: BSc in Physics from Manchester University.

Sean Ramitt (Director Xanalys Canada, Sr Customer Coordinator)

As a Director of Xanalys Canada, Sean manages the company’s Canadian operations.

Most of his over 30 years of experience has been in the public sector, working with public safety agencies from mainframes to mobile.  Based on subject matter expertise, Sean has itinerated nationally and internationally for some of the world’s largest software companies.  Before joining Xanalys in 2015, Sean spent 10 years leading the advancement of Investigative Major Case Management using Xanalys technologies, working extensively for the Ontario Major Case Management Unit.

Why Xanalys?

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 Working with investigative agencies  across the globe has provided the experience to understand and expand on your requirements.


 From requirements capture, to go-live  and long after, we work closely with you  to ensure a successful, evolving relationship.


The most comprehensive set of  case management functions on  the market ensure you have the tools required to capture, process  and share investigative  information.


Our customers drive our product  roadmap, bringing new efficiencies to investigative workflows and processes.

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