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PowerCase:ICM Platform

Xanalys Investigative Case Management (PowerCase:ICM) is a technology platform that brings together a rich framework of core functionality with a fully configurable data-model that defines the record types, entities, business logic, roles, and privileges specific to every customer. This allows Xanalys to configure and deliver investigative systems not only quickly, but aligned exactly to our customers business requirements.

Business drivers

shutterstock 1533697913 scaled e1655732442346Experience gained over decades of working with law enforcement and regulatory agencies has shown us the key drivers of any investigative system include:

  • Need for proven, scalable solutions
  • Specific functional requirements to support “unique” business needs
  • Support for evolving requirements throughout the lifetime of the system
  • Control over the rollout of new versions of the system without being beholden to changes for other customers – at the same time, customers do not want to be cut off from new developments/technology in the system when they become available.

In recorgnising that a traditional COTS solution cannot meet the somewhat contradictory nature of such requirements, Xanalys developed the PowerCase:ICM for the configuration and delivery of investigative solutions to a wide range of organisations.

Unique aspects of Investigative Case Management

Investigative Case Management is a specialised area of the Case Management discipline, and is one that brings a significant set of unique requirements. Criminal and regulatory cases are characterised by their potential complexity, unstructured workflow, scale, and an end goal of a conviction, penalty, or some other form of sanction. In addition, all aspects of the case may also undergo detailed scrutiny (as characterised in a court of law).

The PowerCase:ICM framework includes the many components and capabilities needed to support these types of requirements. It also incorporates an investigative methodology that ensures best practice is promoted at all levels, emphasizing accountability, the establishment of clear goals and objectives, effective utilization of resources, and which provides support to the Case Manager to assist them control the speed and direction of the case.

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