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Xanalys Corrections

The Xanalys Corrections solution, built on the Xanalys Investigative Case Management framework, allows correctional services departments to collect, analyse, investigate and act on security incidents occurring in prisons and other high security institutions.

The application provides a collaborative environment and configurable workflow that support activities such as incident report evaluation, intelligence analysis, regular team security reviews, and management approvals and decisions.

Used either stand-alone or integrated with Inmate Management systems, Xanalys Corrections provides a portal which can be made available to any staff member to report an incident.

These reports are then queued and processed in the main system, and where appropriate, links made to particular inmates, staff, and other persons of interest. The intelligence in each report is assessed for reliability and accuracy, and if new lines or enquiry are suggested, investigative task are created, allocated and tracked. Information, multimedia, and exhibits that result from a completed Task are input into the system and the process repeated.

The history of involvement for each inmate (or for secure hospitals, patients) is capture across all incidents and events, to provide a clear picture of their activities over time.

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