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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

A robust, best-of-breed investigative solution, PowerCase will meet all your current and future investigative case management requirements. This award winning product provides a powerful, scalable platform to law enforcement agencies in local and multi-jurisdictional environments.

“The success of any major investigation requires an organised and methodical approach”

MIRSAP Guidelines, ACPO

Proven Methodology

PowerCase incorporates a best-practice methodology to cover every stage of the investigative process. Built around the concept of Major Case Management and supporting teams with a range of specialist roles, PowerCase provides a workflow for the management of all information collected during an investigation, and ensures that lines of enquiry are objectively based on the evidence at hand.

What is Major Case Management?

Scalable and Secure

The efficient and effective management of the many resources involved in major investigations can be a challenge. PowerCase’s flexible role-based security model provides managers and senior users with a clear oversight of the progress of the investigation while controlling the level of access available for each member of the investigative team. It also presents each user with only the elements of the application needed to perform their jobs, thereby improving usability and reducing training overheads.

Every agency will encounter a range of investigations of varying complexity and size – PowerCase will scale seamlessly from those involving single investigators and small teams, right up to multi-agency major cases with hundreds of users across a range of roles.

Task and Evidence Management

The direction of the investigation are managed by the assignment and completion of Tasks – lines of enquiry that are generated both by the system as the case moves through its workflow, but also importantly, by the evidence collected up to that point in time.

All information, documents, files and exhibits are reviewed in a consistent manner, and can be linked directly to the relevant Offences/Charges under investigation, providing management with a clear picture of the progress of the case and where resources need to be focused.

Integrated Data Analysis

As new entities such as people, organisations, telephone number, social media accounts, etc. are encountered, PowerCase will automatically search and match these to existing entities, alerting users to possible commonalities and patterns both within and across cases.  The result is that every new document is reviewed in context against the PowerCase knowledge base. 

Integrated link analysis capabilities reveal associations between every aspect of your investigation, and how these may be linked to other investigations. Charts can be launched from multiple points in the application, making it easy for any user to develop an instant snap shot of how each person, location, telephone number, etc. or even a document or Task are associated to other information in the case.

Disclosure preparation and generation

The review and categorisation of evidence for disclosure can be an arduous one – especially if the preparation of the disclosure package is left during the final phases of the investigation. To overcome this, PowerCase commences the categorisation and preparation of evidence as soon as it is entered into the system. Any appropriate jobs that are required to prepare evidence for disclosure are automatically created and are tracked throughout the lifetime of the case, to prevent bottle-necks in document processing at a later stage. Integrated vetting/redaction capabilities ensure users don’t need to leave the application in order to identify and remove sensitive information. Briefs of Evidence are appropriately formatted for both the Defence and Prosecution.

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