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Major Incident Victim Management

Major Incident Victim Management

Major Incidents, whether a natural disaster, terrorist attack, transport incident, or some other incident involving multiple casualties, require a multi-disciplinary response involving police and other emergency services and regulatory agencies.

Part of this response includes victim identification where registers of missing persons, survivors and casualties are recorded and then consolidated to manage the outcomes for every person involved in the incident. In addition, next-of-kin need to be kept informed and appropriate support arranged through the incident response process.

Xanalys Major Incident Victim Management (MIVM) provides a single system for the receipt and assessment of information about people who are believed to be involved in a major incident.  Built as an additional capability on our standard investigative case systems, MIVM’s key capabilities include:

  • Support for the Incident Call Centre which takes enquiries from the public concerning Missing Persons, Tips, and Messages.
  • Detailed indexes of Missing Persons, Casualties and Survivors and associated entities including next-of-kin.
  • Nominal matching to resolve Missing Person, Casualty and Survivor indexes.
  • General investigation management capabilities including role based access, tasking, document management, statement and tip registrar, and exhibit management.

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